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  • Sip Snack Sniff - Sensory Salon Care Pack 2
  • Sip Snack Sniff - Sensory Salon Care Pack 2
  • Sip Snack Sniff - Sensory Salon Care Pack 2

Sip Snack Sniff - Sensory Salon Care Pack 2

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A curation of sensorial delights for those who can't make it in person to our Sensory Salon PopUp.

Featuring a preview of our Spirit of Japan Set to sip, gourmet treats to snack and Kin North's Home Incense to sniff. Packaged in our versatile, collapsible Mini Colour Crate.

Limited release.
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Our Spirit of Japan sipping set features three premium craft Japanese spirits exclusively available at the Sensory Salon. Sip and escape to Japan as you enjoy each tipple with our Guided Tasting, including distillery/brewery history, flavour profiles and tasting notes with suggested pairings.

  • 3 x 90mL bottes
  • Premium Japanese Whisky, Sake and Gin
  • Guided Tasting

Paired with Peel Thing dehydrated oranges. 100% natural orange sliced and dehydrated to perfection. A great garnish for cocktails and grazing plates.

Bahen & Co Chocolate Coated Almonds

100gm of delicious chocolate coated almonds, dusted with berry magic. Delicious & addictive

Ingredients :   Almonds, cacao beans, raw sugar, cacao butter, raspberry & strawberries.  

Spiced Small Sardines - Jose Gourmet, Portugal 

Portugese sardines are a delicacy you can’t resist! Mixed with pickles, cloves, carrots, pepper, piri-piri and laurel. A salty-spicy combo great to eat with bread and booze!

Kin Home Incense

Weaving Japanese incense and French perfumery with the je-ne-sais-quoi of Melbourne. Features Budda Wood masterfully blended with cedar, vetiver, nutmeg, cinnamon, baked fruit notes and a touch of coffee! A unique scent that will fill your space with warmth for hours.

Mini Colour Crate

Packable, stackable, collapsible — our favourite all-rounder crate is such an eye candy, durable and so versatile! Use it at home, take it on a picnic, gift is as a hamper or just let it sit pretty on your shelf.