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  • Sensory Salon Care Pack
  • Sensory Salon Care Pack

Sensory Salon Care Pack

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A curation of sensorial delights for those who can't make it in person to our Sensory Salon PopUp.

Featuring our Seaside Sparkling Sake paired with Kin North's Pocket Full of Flowers incense set. Perfectly complimented by delectable pantry treats — PS Artisan Soda, Bahen & Co Chocolate and Melbourne Bushfood Saltbush Spice. Packaged in our versatile, collapsible Mini Colour Crate.

Limited release. Valued at $179.
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* Chocolate & soda flavours and crate colour subject to availability.
* Care Packs are packaged & shipped from the Sensory Salon on weekends.

A premium Sparkling Sake brewed by the inimitable Miho Imada, one of few female Toji Master Brewers and named one of BBC's Most Influential Women of 2020.

Tastes nothing like a basic sparking, the Seaside Sparkling sake is light and refreshing with a palate reminiscent of the Japanese seaside. Made through secondary in-bottle fermentation, with citrus notes and a refreshing finish from the use of white koji.

Complete with a Guided Tasting including flavour profile, brewery history & Toji profile and suggested pairings.

Imada Fukucho Seaside Sparkling Junmai

Imada Fukucho
Hiroshima, Japan

A luxurious introduction to Tokyo Kodo incense, Pocket Full of Flowers is a collaboration between Tokyo based Tokyo Kodo and Melbourne based Kin North.

Each kit is completed by:

12 sticks of incense, each burning for ~15 minutes each.
Three different premium scents to explore.
A handcrafted ceramic incense holder made by Melbourne ceramicist Lisa Peri. Features textured clay and hand dipped glaze on one side. Colours of glaze will vary.

The gold box features a gold sleeve with calligraphy detail on the outside. A luxurious experience to use in your daily home rituals, and the perfect invitation to slow down.

Lotus du Japon
Release and surrender. A masterfully blended fragrance to promote a soft and peaceful environment.

Wisteria du Japon
Soothe, then create! A fresh and floral fragrance soothes and calms for enhanced focus and creativity.

A celebration of sunshine and the beauty of Spring! A fragrance that fills us with warmth and optimism.

Perfect for:

Exploring Japanese incense for the first time
House warming gifts
Sampling a number of premium floral incense scents
The person who has everything

Incense Made in Japan, holder made in Australia.

PS Soda x Meltdown

A limited edition soda from PS Soda and Darlinghurst-based chocolatiers Meltdown Artisan. When bubbles and chocolate collide - this is a sparkling cacao matcha tea, with the creaminess of the cacao butter, spiced with wattleseed and a touch of kabuso citrus. A refreshing take on Aussie and Japanese culture.

Designed with mixing in mind – alcoholic or otherwise – they make excellent drinks just by themselves.


Bahen & Co Chocolate

Bahen & Co makes stone ground chocolate from bean to bar.  A traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time.

The Orange & Hazelnut chocolate bar is made with zesty sun ripened Valencia oranges and slow roasted hazelnuts, blended with their house blend chocolate. 

Ingredients : Cacao beans, organic raw sugar, orange & hazelnuts.


Melbourne Bushfood Saltbush Spice

Melbourne Bushfood is on a social crusade to put natives into bellies across the world to support First Nations and Small Aussie farmer partners.

Saltbush is famed for its salty, umami flavour and incredible drought-tolerant properties. The Saltbush spice is lower in sodium than table salt and is a terrific alternative. Pour a teaspoon into stews, soups, or curries, or simply sprinkle over roasted potatoes for a deep, rich, and salty add-on!


Mini Colour Crate

Packable, stackable, collapsible — our favourite all-rounder crate is such an eye candy, durable and so versatile! Use it at home, take it on a picnic, gift is as a hamper or just let it sit pretty on your shelf.