• Cuckoo Over Cocoa

Cuckoo Over Cocoa

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Here's to the Chocolate Lovers.

A luscious match made in Coco Heaven featuring PS Cacao Sodas paired perfectly with Good Boy Chocolates.

*Choose from a pairing of one PS Soda x one Good Boy Chocolate bar or Give Me All the Choco! to get all the flavours.

Handmade from bean to bar in Melbourne by Michelin Star Pastry Chef, Alessandro Luppolo, these exquisite chocolate bars are a labour of love created from the finest raw ingredients.


Pistacchio Fennel Seed White Chocolate

Inspired by Sicilian and Mediterranean flavours, the oils of the nuts are balanced with the freshly ground Fennel Seed. Well seasoned with Maldon Salt.
In other words — glorious!

Ingredients: cocoa butter, milk powder, raw sugar, pistachio, fennel seeds, salt.


Native Paperbark Smoked Dark Chocolate

Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Peru single origin smoked with a Native Australian Paperbark.

Cocoa beans are first wrapped in Paperbark, ignited with fire and placed in the oven for the usual roast. To intensify the smoked flavour, a smoke gun diffuses Paperbark smoke inside the stone grinder while it runs, leaving the lid on to trap the smoke for as long as possible.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, raw sugar, cocoa butter.

When chocolate & bubbles collide. Pushing the boundaries of flavour sensation using unique Australian x Japanese ingredients. Complex, refreshing, bitter-sweet.


PS Light Cacao Soda

A carbonated chocolate matcha tea combining Australian & Japanese ingredients. We wanted to create a delicious sparkling green tea, spiced with nuttiness of wattleseed and the creaminess of cacao butter and a touch of Kabosu (Japanese citrus) to balance on the palate. Surprisingly refreshing.

Ingredients: Cacao butter, matcha, wattleseed, Kabosu (Japanese citrus)


PS Dark Cacao Soda

Bitter sweet & savoury, think spiced hot chocolate, but cold. This complex bitter sweet cacao soda highlights the flavour and tannins of cacao husk, which is usually discarded in the chocolate making process, with cherry blossom, local honey, cinnamon and lemon zest.

Ingredients: Cacao husk, cherry blossom, cinnamon, honey