Custom & Corporate


Let's be honest — no one likes basic, impersonal gifts that end up regifted or collecting dust in the cupboard.

You and your clients deserve better.

Snap out of the doldrums of corporate gifting and let us help you impress your clients with our unexpected and unforgettable SakeBoxes.

Featuring a premium range of Japanese Sakes complemented with accessories and uncommon pairings to elevate the experience. Why not send them on an ultra-sensory journey with a Sake, cheese and pastry hamper? Sake and sushi more your style? How about premium incense and drinkware? We partner with top-notch suppliers to find the perfect pairing with your giftee in mind.

Unique to you, each SakeBox is carefully curated for each project and occasion, with the option of custom packaging to reflect your brand.

Ready to leave a lasting impression?

We want to know what makes you tick. Get in touch with us via email or fill out our enquiry and let's create something special together!