About Us

'Oh! Sake' is a play on the honorific term for Japanese liquor — Osake お酒 .

We do Sake differently with a playful, off-beat and modern Sake discovery through our Guided Tasting and unexpected food pairings. Our SakeBoxes celebrate Japan's love for ceremony, beauty and multi-functional objects, in a bold and unconventional fashion.

We want to share our passion for Japan and make premium Sake accessible to you. (Because how confusing are Sake labels, right?) Our kurabitos (brewers) explore the rice fields and sakagura (Sake brewery) from Hokkaido to Okinawa to bring exquisite brews to your door.

Junmai Daiginjo? Seimaibuai? 日本酒? What does it all mean? Picking a decent Sake can be overwhelming. Our Guided Tasting details flavour profiles, food pairings, a bit of history and insight on the techniques used by each brewery.

Sip with us in comfort and without judgement — we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Trust your own senses and taste buds. Explore your own weird & wonderful pairings!

Japan — curated and delivered to your door.