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Basic Sipping Set

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Sake Cup:

The essentials to sip and enjoy the spirit of Japan in the comfort of your home.

Featuring a bottle of Yamahai Jikomi paired with craft ceramic vessel(s).

The perfect gift for Sake beginners and connoisseurs alike.

A premium, versatile Japanese Sake brewed in the traditional slow fermentation method in low temperatures with extra time and care. Semi-dry with a soft texture and rich body. 


Single or Pair

Crafted from 'Minoyaki' porcelain, fired at a high temperature and hand finished at the Gura kiln in Gifu prefecture, Japan.

The Kikichoko ('kiki' meaning tasting; 'choko' Sake cup in Japanese) is the official vessel used for tasting by Sake sommeliers.

Featuring a janome (literally means snake eye) blue target print at the bottom of the cup for checking that the Sake is on point. The white ring is for checking the transparency, while the blue rings are for the gloss of Sake.

The perfect way to elevate your Sake Discovery Journey.

Wrapped with love in a gift—ready packaging, with detailed tasting guides. All you have to do is take credit!