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Ultra SakeBox

Regular price $78.00
LLH Coaster:

Curate your own Ultimate SakeBox.

Featuring exquisitely refined Junmai, uniquely brewed to create a premium Rosé Sake with a complex palate.

Elevate your sipping with crystal glassware, designed to enhance the Sake's characteristics.

Paired with our Sakura coasters, made in Melbourne from post-consumer waste.

Wrapped with love in our gift-ready box, complete with a Guided Tasting, including brewery history and flavour profile.

Complimentary Standard Shipping.

Choose from three ultra-premium Sakes made in Akita with unique, ancient red-purple rice grains. Each one is labour of love from the moment the rice is planted to the first sip.

Each SakeBox includes one bottle of 300mL Sake of your choice.

X3 Rosé
The most unique Junmai brewed with ancient red rice and blended with vintage Sake, it features a beautiful rosé tone and a rich profile.

X3 Pink
An exquisite brew made by blending ancient red rice) with white rice, it features a rosé tint and fruity notes.

X3 Blanc
Beautifully refined, golden-blush hued, brewed with with white koji giving it the freshness of citrus balance with a subtle sweetness.

Brewery: Kinmon Akita

Region: Akita, Japan
Classification: Rosé Junmai
15% 300mL

The original Glencairn glass, designed to accentuate the savouring of fine tipples.

This Queen's Award winner is evenly balanced in hand and its tapered mouth guides every quality the Sake offers toward your senses, perfect for picking up the subtle nuances of your favourite drop.

Sip for one (one glass) or for two (2 glasses).

Brand: Glencairn

Made from lead free crystal
Approx. 11.5cm tall
Mouth approx. 4.5cm wide

Our unique, sakura blossom-shaped LLH Coasters are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are functional and eco-friendy to boot!

Sustainably designed by Lauren Lea Haynes and made in Melbourne from recycled waste. Each one is as unique as sakura blossoms; markings and patterns vary consistent with their nature.

Red, white and pink terrazzo made from post-industrial waste pellets.

Cloudy white marble with candy coloured flecks made from post-consumer household waste.

Sip for one (one coaster) or for two (2 coasters). Your choice of colour.