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  • Sakura Sake 300ml
  • Sakura Sake 300ml

Sakura Sake 300ml

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Brewed with the unique Sakura Kobo (cherry blossom yeast) collected from wild Sakura from Himeji Castle.

As aromatic as cherry blossoms, sweet and balanced with high acidity. Bottled in a charming pink glass reminiscent of the walls of Himeji castle.

Gift-ready in our vibrant packaging and complete with a Guided Tasting.

Tatsuriki Himejijo Sakura Kobo Sake

Brewery: Honda Shouten
Region: Hyogo, Japan
Classification: Rosé Junmai
15.5% 300mL

A beautiful glass with a unique fluid shape designed and crafted in Gifu prefecture, Japan to enhance your Sake sipping.

Slight irregularities in size and shape reflect the artisan nature of the product.

Brand: Tebineri
Made from tempered glass with full ion strengthening. Dishwasher safe.

Approx. 100ml  / 5.4cm height