Labour of Love

Let us introduce you to your new favourite sake — you're welcome.

In 1996, 1000-year-old purple rice grains were unearthed at Hotta No Saku during an archeological dig at a UNESCO site in Akita, Japan. These heritage grains were commonly cultivated in ancient times but are now nearly unknown.

Masahisa Takeda of Tokyo University spearheaded the study of the red rice family, including purple varietals. Takeda-san, along with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, challenged the Sake industry to disrupt mainstream expectations by brewing sake with ancient red rice strains. Several Tōji (master brewers) rose to the challenge, and legendary Rosé Sakes emerged.

Red rice Sakes are rare and are unlike anything you’ve had before. Lucky for you, we have sipped high and low and have gathered three premium brews to share with you. Featuring a spectrum of captivating blush hues complimented with pronounced juiciness. They embody the funkiness of pet nat balanced by a lively acidity. A true labour of love — brewed in a distinctive method to create a remarkable character. Each more unique than the last.

Vibrant, beautifully complex and not for the faint of heart. These are far from your typical Rosé wines. These exquisite creatures are made for those who like to disrupt the norm and challenge expectations.

Sip and discover this labour of love with our Not-So-Basic Rose SakeBox.

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